Leaders who give hope

“Leaders are people who offer new horizons to their followers and move people beyond mediocrity and indifference.  They give hope amidst the problems of contemporary working life. They are willing to take risks and transcend boundaries.  As leaders they share their experience of the mystery of God  and thus bring a sense of hope to followers, reestablishing the perspective of life under God, and providing the basis for value oriented leadership.”

Leonard Doohan, Spiritual Leadership: The Quest for Integrity (Paulist Press, 2007,  p.76).

About Leonard Doohan

Dr. Leonard Doohan is Professor Emeritus at Gonzaga University where he was a professor of religious studies for 27 years and Dean of the Graduate School for 13 years. He has written 17 books and 160 articles and has given over 350 workshops throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Far East. Leonard's recent books include Spiritual Leadership: the Quest for Integrity, in 2007, Enjoying Retirement: Living Life to the Fullest, in 2010, and Courageous Hope: The Call of Leadership, in 2011. Leonard's wife is Helen who was also a Professor Emerita at Gonzaga, specializing in the writings of Paul.

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