My Books

All books are available on Amazon and many can be read on Kindle.   My most recent books:

Spiritual Leadership

How to Become a Great Spiritual Leader (2014)
Courageous Hope – The Call of Leadership (2011)
Spiritual Leadership – The Quest for Integrity (2007)

Contemporary Spirituality for Adults

Rediscovering Jesus’ Priorities (2014)
Ten Strategies to Nurture our Spiritual Lives (2014)
The One Thing Necessary – The Transforming Power of Christian Love (2012)

St. John of the Cross Series

John of the Cross: Your Spiritual Guide (2013)
John of the Cross: The Spiritual Canticle – An Encounter of Two Lovers (2013)
John of the Cross:  The Dark Night is Our Only Light (2013)
John of the Cross:  The Living Flame (2014)
A Year with John of the Cross (2015)



  1. I found your blogs on spiritual leadership very insightful and useful. I wish I had c

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