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Leaders who know when it is time to retire

A great leader knows when it is time to retire. However, we all know lots of leaders who don’t know when to go, leave space for others, and move into a healthy retirement. So, I wrote this book for a new kind of retiree–including the baby-boomer generation–leaders who seeks to deal with retirement years not as an end of usefulness but as a major period in life with its own challenges that need practical responses and depth of understanding. Christian spirituality refers to the way we life our daily lives in the challenge of faith. Clearly, the years of retirement offer the most important occasion for each of us to respond to the challenge of making a new beginning.

This book is a practical guide for those retirees who are about to retire, or who have recently retired. Filled with the experiences of retirees, it offers anecdotes, thoughtful reflections, helpful insights, and ways to live this important and what-should-be-enjoyable stage of life. Leaders must discover how to approach this period in life–now as much as a third of life for many–with enthusiasm, anticipation, creativity, and enjoyment as the best and blessed time of our lives.

The new outlook that retirees need to have willinlcude the following components.

1. Live in peace and not with the worries of former times.

2. Focus on new attitudes beyond those of the employment years.

3. Look at the enriching opportunities of relaxation and leisure.

4. Keep and eye on creative self-development.

5. Look at life as an opportunity to sharfe wisdom and experience with others.

6. Get the best out of life, not more.

7. Follow the sirection of the Spirit.

8. Maintain wellness, and let the quality of life determine these important years.